How can a Michigan car accident attorney help you?

August 23rd, 2017

Different states have different laws regarding car insurance claims. Michigan in particular is a bit tricky because of its No-Fault Law, so it’s best to hire a good Michigan car accident attorneyinstead of opting to go through all the legal work yourself if you’ve been in a car crash. A lawyer familiar with the state’s laws, especially those pertaining to accident claims and lawsuits, will be best suited to handle your case.

Many people tend to make the mistake of getting the wrong attorney (whether they’re from out of state or have little experience in handling car accident cases) or no attorney at all, and wind up getting very little than what they deserved or nothing at all. This may be owing to the fact that they’re not aware of what benefits they are entitled to, the legal jargon involved when filing claims, what they should and shouldn’t do post-accident, as well as how to deal with their insurance adjuster.

For example, many people assume that because of the No-Fault Law, the onus is all on their insurance provider to compensate for the damages and losses incurred during an accident – regardless of who’s fault it was. What they don’t realise is that it is possible to sue the negligent driver for pain and suffering, as well as any excess economic damages not covered by your insurance. Only a qualified Michigan car accident attorney can point out these “hidden” pockets of benefits that you might be unaware about when filing your claim.

But even with attorneys, you have to be careful about hiring someone with very little experience as opposed to one with plenty of successful cases under their belt. Your insurance adjuster will pull out all the stops in getting to pay you as little as possible, and therefore knows all the ins and outs of even the most unique car accident cases. They’re a tough adversary to handle, and only an experienced auto accident lawyer knows how to navigate the traps your insurance adjuster may lay out for you so you get the utmost out of your coverage.

In a state where car accident laws are tough and the legal battles even tougher, you just simply can’t do without an auto accident attorney. And the more experienced ones are always tough to find. Many institutions that deal with car accident victims, such as US Rehabilitation & Health Services, have affiliations with excellent and highly qualified lawyers who can guide people through the paperwork and legal proceedings. This takes away the gruelling process of finding good lawyers, or switching attorneys if you’re unsatisfied with your current one, saving time as well as any mental fatigue.

At US Rehabilitation & Health Services, you can get more than just legal guidance. Our team of medical specialists work round the clock to provide you with excellent medical care and treatment for your post-accident injuries and trauma. Together with our affiliated network of lawyers, US Rehabilitation & Health Services aims to cover all your bases so you’re well on your way to leading a normal, stress-free life once again. Contact us today for a free consultation.