Our Team

Kelli Rose Kring , Massage Therapist

Kelli Rose Kring,  L.M.T – Oakland Community College Graduate as a State Licensed Massage Therapist with 18 years experience and a associates degree in Applied Science. She considers herself a focused based massage therapist giving customized treatment to each individual patient. Kelli has been certified by Power Pilates and is certified in: Medi-Cupping, hot stones, reflexology, prenatal and infant massage,  fibromyalgia, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel treatments. Some of the type of massage that she applies to her patients are relaxation, deep tissue, stretch, foot massage, sports massage, etc. With 4 Weimaraner dogs, 3 cats, a ton of fish and frogs and a beautiful Family Kelli is also a new mom. She shares often that family is her life which helps her to connect with patients who are looking to get back to “normalcy” and take part in their families activities. Kelli also connects with her patients on unique topics such as astronomy, Star Trek, ancient Egyptian culture, physics and being out on the lake.