Sports Injuries

What Are Sport Injuries?

With any sport comes the risk of an injury. Sports injuries occur daily and range from minor to major injuries that could keep you from playtime. If you get an injury, it is important to have it checked right away to prevent further damage. This is where US Rehabilitation comes in to help. With the use of exercise, movement, and therapeutic interventions, US Rehabilitation’s therapies help maintain health and fitness and helps you recover from injury and reduce pain. Our goal is to return patients to their highest level of function by focusing on biomechanics and exercise rehabilitation.

Causes of Sports Injuries

The sport you play or athletic activity you pursue will determine the type of injury you are likely to develop. Full contact sports like football, hockey, and wrestling tend to yield concussions, sprains, strains, and tears to tendons and ligaments. Running sports such as soccer, track and field events, distance running, lacrosse, and baseball tend to yield problems with knees, hips, feet, and ankles. Tennis, golf, pickleball, and even ping-pong tends to leave you with shoulder, elbow, wrist, or back injuries. Since your knees bear the brunt of all physical activity, more than half of all sports injuries physical therapist treats are related to your knees. The most common injuries that can be helped through physical therapy include:

  • Shoulder injury, including hyperextension and dislocation
  • Tennis or golf elbow
  • Knee injury, including a torn ligament, strain, sprain, or hyperextension
  • Patellofemoral syndrome
  • IT band syndrome
  • Sciatica injury
  • Sprains and strains
  • Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis
  • Concussion, headaches, neck pain

What to Expect

Your initial visit will feature an in-depth consultation interview and physical assessment. The physical assessment of the patient will conclude an appropriate diagnosis of the injury, factors predisposing the injury, and other health disorders that could be related. At US Rehabilitation, our physical therapists use clinical reasoning to create a tailored recovery plan to help you return to the highest level of function and physical activity. Sports rehabilitation will combine advice, education, and rehab into all the features of your daily life.

Road to Recovery

It is important to start treatment and rehabilitation soon after an injury happens and continue using therapeutic interventions to speed up recovery. At US Rehabilitation, our team will work with you to create the best treatment plan targeting your specific needs to help you recover and return to your prior activity level before the injury. Your treatment plan for rehabilitation will focus on getting you back to the same—if not better — functional capacity. We’ll incorporate therapeutic interventions and exercises into the treatment and monitor and modify areas as needed.

Forms of treatment include but are not limited to:

  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Graded activity
  • Manual therapy
  • Workplace assessment and modification
  • Massage
  • Taping
  • Bracing
  • Electrotherapy

Benefits of Physical Therapy

There are few things more infuriating to an athlete than dealing with an injury. While you may think your season is now over, this doesn’t need to be the case. By allowing our specialists at US Rehabilitation to perform your physical therapy, you’ll be able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Avoid the need for surgery
  • Mitigate the risk of re-injury
  • Increase athletic performance