Comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluations at US Rehab

Get Customized FCE Tests for your Company or an Individual

FCEs are a series of tests that measure a person’s ability to perform work or job-related safety and effectiveness. This objective evaluation and series of tests can determine the person can return to the previous job and if not what type of work demands the person can perform. We can customize our testing for a company or individual needs.

Our lead tester, Paul Zmuda has over 15 years experience in performing these tests.

Our testing utilizes state of the art computerized Arcon VerNova equipment and software including electronic pinch gauges, dual range of motion inclinometers, dynamic lifting systems, carpal tunnel testing attachments.

Our testing protocol – ARCON FCE is based on OSHA protocols and peer-reviewed research. The component functional tests have been selected based on input from OSHA, physicians, physical and occupational therapists, and vocational professionals.

Our testing simulates job functions and includes subjective interviews, strength testing, cardiovascular assessment, musculoskeletal screening, functional abilities and reliability of effort.

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