Key Tips to Stay Active During Virtual Learning

September 9th, 2020
A mother and his son smiling together and looking at a laptop screen

Movements to Keep Yourself Active and Healthy

School is in session and no matter where learning takes place – in the classroom or virtually, it’s important to stay active throughout the day. In the classroom setting, children have movement built in with the changing of classrooms, recess, and gym. At home, children are often seated in one room in front of a computer or at a table. Most of us know that activity has many physical benefits, but it is important to remember that being physically active also helps with brain health and cognition. To keep your student active and healthy, try building in some movement time throughout the day!

Shake the Wiggles Out

Set a timer to get up and Shake the Wiggles out every 20 minutes. Or use the time to add movement to whatever the learning activity is.


Sitting in the same position can cause muscles and joints to feel stiff and achy. It also can result in boredom or fatigue. Stretching and moving helps children to reset and realign!

Posture Checks

Pay attention to your child’s posture throughout the day. If you notice slouching, encourage children to get some height under their seat. You can do this with folded blankets or pillows. This helps to lengthen the spine which can alleviate lower back pain and support healthier posture. 

At-home Recess

Schedule “recess” in your daily routine. Take a walk, plan an obstacle course, or kick around a ball. Use this time to break up the day and create a space for more unstructured play.

Play dates

Schedule time for your child to get together with other children (friends, cousins, other virtual learners) and play. Children are naturally active so a meetup will queue fun and activity all in one.

These are just a few of the many ways to keep students active as they start school this fall. Be of luck to all the students, parents, teachers, and staff this unique school year!

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