Why is it so important to get the best auto accident attorney?

July 10th, 2017

There are three different law cases with any accident, and this can complicate the your process and your claim. The best solution is to get the best auto accident attorney.

When you are injured in a vehicle accident, the legal predicament is complicated in Michigan, as compared to some other states. The law is structured such that you have three different cases instead of just one. We will delve into the explanation and implications of each of those cases, but please understand that an auto accident attorney helps you in getting the maximum compensation, in each separate case. The legal intricacies written in the fine print along with a multitude of legal positioning that only a competent attorney can perform can be the difference in winning and losing. Most auto accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so you can get legal help immediately, without upfront paying the lawyer.

Dissecting the Cases: Mini Tort, First Party and Third Party

A Mini Tort case allows you to recover up to the first $1000 from the at fault driver’s insurance in terms of the physical vehicle damage. The documents required include a UD-10 (or police report) of your car accident, your insurance policy dec sheet (declarations page) and an estimate of car damage repair. It also helps if you can document photographs of the vehicle damage along with the license plate.

First party case, under the No-Fault benefits, allows both parties to receive valuable economic benefits (also called Personal Injury Protection) from their insurance companies, regardless of who caused the accident. The case is basically against your own insurance company and includes benefits like medical travel and bills, wage loss, nursing/attendant care and replacement services to ensure help with household tasks, child-care, etc. In case of a disabling injury, other benefits can include any vehicle/home modifications required for accessibility.

A Pain and Suffering Lawsuit or Third Party Case is one that is filed against the negligent driver’s insurance company. It includes the non-economic and excess economic damages. The former include the physical pain, psychological trauma, depression and humiliation, while the latter refer to the economic damages beyond the statutory limits for wage loss and home replacement services.

So, how does a help?

For starters, there are different time limits for filing each of the aforementioned cases. There is also a range of exceptions under which a victim cannot sue the at-fault driver. For instance, in case of Mini Tort, if you don’t have insurance at the time of the accident you can’t receive the compensation. Similarly, a first party lawsuit has a one year limit, while a third party case has a three year limit. An experienced ’s help isn’t just limited to understanding all such particulars and ensuring the maximum benefits but reaches far beyond that.

Years of experience in a complete spectrum of vehicle accident lawsuits has empowered our top-notch attorneys to provide you reliable support and start-to-end guidance. Our lawyers have greater insights regarding common mistakes made by the crash victims and mental attitudes of the involved parties.

Get in touch immediately, so we can ensure you get the most benefits and don’t pay a dime in terms of legal fees until you receive a settlement.