How To Get Back on your Feet after an Auto Accident

July 5th, 2017

Health is the first of all liberties.  An auto accident can confine life to a state of languor and suffering

A car crash often leads to multifaceted shock and scarring. While it may seem hard to stand on your feet after suffering such a blow, thinking damage control, reparation and recovery is pivotal to restoring life to its balance. Qualified help assists greatly in terms of the medical, financial and legal repercussions but calling someone familiar can also be the key to dealing with the aftermath.

Recovery comes first, everything else is secondary

A split-second negligence on the road can open a Pandora’s box of troubles. Confronting these multitude of problems becomes harder because of the shock value. It therefore is of key importance to try and keep a mental balance. Once the commotion settles, you should immediately seek medical attention for any injuries and file a police report.

Any vehicle accident victim in Michigan can contact the nearest police station to file a report and subsequently order a copy of the police report. In most cases, reports can be ordered online or otherwise obtained by contacting the station. Obtaining contact information like name, address, phone number, license plate and insurance company of any witnesses and passengers involved in the auto accident can help avoid a myriad of problems later on.

While seeking medical attention it is crucial to report all injuries to EMS and the ER staff. Internal injuries and even psychological trauma can be easily overlooked and prove to be significant in the long run. Even the minor pains or symptoms like headaches, emotional changes, changes in vision or memory, dizziness and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) need to be recorded. Keeping a track of symptoms as they are experienced, or even later developed, help with regards to a full and speedy recovery along with the insurance claims.

Best ways to deal with insurance and the significance of no-fault laws

Car insurance companies must be immediately notified of the accident. The notification requirements differ in accordance to the insurance policy and company, and checking the exact policy requirements concerning your car accident should be on top of your list.

The statutory deadlines in Michigan dictate a one year time limit for notifying your own No-Fault insurance company (also referred to as a first-party lawsuit) and a three year limit for notifying the other negligent party’s insurance company (i.e. a third-party lawsuit).

However, victims are often mislead by the fact that insurance policies often have stricter notification requirements. Moreover, signing the release from insurance claims adjuster or giving a statement to one can also be detrimental. Claims adjusters often try to record an early statement in order to understate the damage and injuries.

Michigan is a No-Fault state which basically means that both parties involved in the accident can avail benefits from their insurance companies, regardless of the cause. The process can still be extremely complicated due to varied insurance policies, unemployment benefits and workers compensation.

An experienced attorney can thus be a godsend in sorting out all such complications because understanding the legal/contractual jargons; the filing limits and statements written in fine print, are all specialized tasks.

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